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Sacred Goddess

Live Retreat Testimonials

Carleigh Luna // Since I started attending retreats from the Sacred Living Movement, I find my life shifting into more and more of a positive direction. The practices and lessons learned at each one dives deep into my soul and affects not just me, but all those that are connected to me as well.

Being at Sacred Goddess was a not just a look into myself and my future actions, but a long peering into my past. Down the line of ancestors who fought, and sacrificed for my freedoms of today. I connected to the women of my past, and released so much that I carried from them that no longer served me. I opened my heart to a path of change, and light. I was supported by 24 other incredible, and strong women! We all came from different walks, different upbringings and different locations around the world. Anni was the one to bring us all together, to stand in our truth and to use our voice in an authentic way. The activities and the discussions she facilitates are what makes me want to attend every single retreat she hosts.

I was honored to be accepted into the circle of Red Drum carriers, to celebrate the divine woman, and her rights as a medicine maker and healer. To call to historical women who have shaped this world to us, to see the women of today changing the world one step at a time, was beyond powerful.

I thank Anni, and ALL the women who came to this retreat. To show up, check in and just be real.

Sue Rose Harman // Sacred Goddess was a magical journey! It was a deep look at my past, my ancestors, and all the women who have paved the way for me. It was also a powerful look forward at the life I'm living and the legacy I hope to leave behind. We sat in a magic circle in the woods and connected to our allies, our ancestors, and ourselves. It was an honor to hold space for my fellow sisters and be held in return.

Creating my very own red drum, working with my hands to make something so beautiful and powerful, it was a beautiful experience. I put all the love and care I had into creating my instrument and was unbelievably proud when I finally finished her! She has such a beautiful sound and I am honored to be a red drum carrier.

Sacred Goddess was a real and deep experience that I will always remember. The beauty created there, the connection to past, present and future, and the openness I felt in my soul all left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to step onto my legacy path. Thank you Anni for such a beautiful journey.

Amber Boswell // I am a self proclaimed personal development junkie. I have spent my entire existence exploring who I am, who I came here to be. 9 years ago I committed to the path of spiritual evolution and have never looked back. Today, as I sit here and reflect on the journey I have traveled in the last decade, I am overcome with emotion. The roads that have led me to where I am today have not all been easy to travel. In fact I would say that a lot of the journey has been hard & often treacherous. There have been more times than I can count where I have veered off course to find myself in the all to familiar pattern of self-growth followed up with self-sabotage. Truth is I have lived in duality most of my life, weaving in and out of the darkness to find my way to the light.

In the past few years I finally arrived in a place and space where I was able to accept, forgive, and ultimately love myself. This is when the journey became easier. Not “easy” by any stretch of the imagination, but easier the more as I learn to “trust the process”. I have found trusting ourselves is often one of the most challenging things we face as human beings although this is not something we are often conscious of, hence why doing “the work” is so important. By doing my personal “work” I have come to learn that there is almost always a breakdown preceding a breakthrough. Also, when there is something your soul is called to it is common to find yourself resisting. Not only will there be resistance, but obstacles lovingly placed in your way by the Universe that you will have to overcome in order to truly get to the other side of the lesson. After fighting this process for so long I finally realize it is through these lessons that we receive our blessings. I have found that on my personal journey when shit gets super chaotic and I encounter a ton of challenges that it means there is something super flipping magical on the other side, but I must push through it to get to the magic. When I give in, I am essentially giving up, for me that is never an option.

The weeks leading up to the Sacred Goddess Retreat only reaffirmed this for me. When my soul needs me to show up I am always forced to face my shadow and the shadow side of life in big ways. Therefore, it was not surprising that there were more times than not I found myself resisting going due to all the chaos in my life. It is too much to write here in this novel of a testimonial, but let’s just say that the things that happened leading up to this retreat were some of the hardest experiences I have been through in my 34 years on this earth. Not to mention this was not a local event. Nope! This required trains, planes, and automobiles to get there and I had to travel alone, not an easy feat for me. Not to mention that the days leading up to it 3 out of the 4 of my children were ill in addition to me struggling with my own health; I had felt awful for weeks preceding the retreat. In truth sometimes it felt selfish and even impossible to go. This is how I knew that even though so much had happened and the storm kept raging, I was about to have a breakthrough. I did not know what kind of breakthrough or what to expect, but I weathered the storm and made it there to find my rainbow.

Now that I am home after a whirlwind of a weekend, I am beyond grateful I listened to the Divine Signs and made it there. I can honestly say that I am not the same woman I was prior to this experience. I have been to a ton of retreats, in fact my commitment to this path started at a Goddess Retreat many moons ago, bringing this all full circle. I awakened there, but it wasn’t the Sacred Goddess retreat that I am finally able to answer the question I have pondered my entire life. I finally understand who I am and why I am here. It is kind of mind blowing to think I have been searching for myself my whole life and finally found her in the woods of Colorado with 24 other amazing women all walking their own paths, all different, but all one. That from all corners of the world we found ourselves and our stories intersecting and interweaving sitting in circle right smack dab in the middle of the forrest. Not only was the setting beautiful, the retreat beautiful, but the collective energy and healing of the group was breathtaking. The work we did was the most powerful work I have ever done.

We are at one of the most amazing times in HerStory right now. Women are FINALLY owning who they are, reclaiming their power, and tapping into the innately magical beings we all are. This is what the planet has been waiting for. The Dali Lama said “the world will be saved by the Western Woman” and Anni Daulter may just be that woman! The work she has and continues to create with the Sacred Living Movement is truly life changing. This was my fourth retreat with her, all powerful, all different, all beautiful. However, for me, this one was the most profound.

I am now a proud red drum carrier. Making that drum challenged me on a whole different plain, but I sat strong in my determination to bring her to life. I appropriately named her Journey as she not only took me on one hell of a journey, but the Goddess Retreat as a whole has shifted the course of my personal journey. I am so excited to continue with a new found confidence and clarity on the work I am bringing to the world.

The magic and transformation that has transpired through the much needed ancestral work we did created a collective healing. We finished our Journey together by declaring our Legacies under the full moon rising through the trees. I am pretty sure the trees can still hear the pounding of our hearts and our drums, it was truly unlike anything I have experienced. We each activated something inside of us this weekend that I believe will help heal the world.

I completely shed the shell of who I was finally ready to step into who I was created to be. This breakthrough is something I have endlessly been seeking for over 20 years. I am forever grateful to be a part of SLM and am in deep gratitude for the Sacred Goddess Retreat.

Zuki Abbott-Zamora // Anni Daulter has never ceased to amaze me! In the four years I have been following her work, I have seen tremendous dedication and authentic care to all her retreats and creations!

When I signed up for the Sacred Goddess Retreat I did so because of a few reasons. One, I was called to do so and come back to myself as a Mother, Grandmother and Woman. I got lost in my world of work, duties and was feeling like the call of Sistarhood was needed and felt compelled. We all must look within and gather our inner guides to work on ourselves from time to time. Also living in Colorado it seemed fitting that it was possible for me to leave my family and duties for a few days for ME TIME!

The Goddess’ who gathered from all over the world were all present, mind, body and spirit, shared together in an amazing collective way. Releasing any negative resistant energies together. So we could all embrace and weave the magic we were there to create together, and we did, lots of it!

I am thankful. Everyone felt like a close friend from the beginning.

Sacred University, and all the programs which instill self-healing, gratitude, honoring, genuine living and caring for one another, I highly suggest anyone who lives in this way, or would like to learn how to connect and live this way, to experience Anni’s or any of her trained Sacred Sistars out there, to join the circle and see for yourself! You will likely gain a wonderful sense of well-being, magical powers and many incredible new friends to share life with.
Thank you Anni for putting such an amazing amount of love and care into all of the women, men and children out there who benefit the world in return. I love you!

Blessings and much love always and forever.

Sarah Josey // Words can hardly express how honored I feel to now be a red drum carrier and to have taken part in the first Sacred Goddess retreat.

As with every retreat in the SLM I left feeling overfilled with abundance and love from my new found friends. The relationships you create on each retreat are worth it alone, they are always so filled with amazing and powerful people.


I have been on a journey for some time to reclaim parts of myself that I had neglected as life got busier and busier after starting my own business, and this retreat was crucial in helping me walk further down the path towards getting those parts of myself back again.


I can't wait to take all that I learned about myself and what I'm meant to do in this world and carry it forward and use it to continue helping others.

Stephanie Ember Baldwin // Oh. My. Goodness. What can I possibly say about the Sacred Goddess retreat and the experience that was had at the cabin and in those woods?! There is no vocabulary large enough to even begin to describe the power, magick, and beauty that occurred. I mean, honestly, I have been looking for the words since I came back on 9-19 and here it is already 9-30 and I still am floundering around. My vibrational level is through the roof, my heart is happy and open, and my cup is overflowing with love. I haven’t been able to come down from this spiritual high for more than a few minutes at a time. My man has even commented on the magnitude of the waves that I have been radiating, mostly in a good way. Ha. I feel like a firecracker: constantly burning but every once in a while something sets me off crackling and then I have to settle back down to a level that people can touch. All the fear about stepping out of the broom closet and into my community has subsided. I have been dancing on this line for a while now and the magick we created in Colorado simply confirmed that it’s time to stop walking up stream and surrender to the flow. 

Arriving at the cabin was a little overwhelming, there was a lot of very strong energy in that space! Our first circle took all that energy, combined and soothed it. There was SO MUCH LOVE flowing (and most of us had been drawn to bring Rose Quartz which just multiplied it even more). It was an absolutely beautiful night of holding space for each other and opening up to the power that the weekend had in store for us. We each were introduced to our goddess of the weekend; I have to say, at first I wasn’t really sure, but man oh man did Sojourner and I go on an adventure!! She spoke many truths and most of them weren’t easy. But I did my best to stay open and was greatly impacted by her wisdom. We also took the time to release some forgotten and unforgiven baggage that we may or may not have been aware of. Personally, I feel that my release had been forming over many MANY seasons and the ceremony was the finalization of what had been building. It couldn’t have come at a better time and there couldn’t have been a more perfect moon for it!! She was absolutely gorgeous, sitting in Pisces at the end of the 9 year cycle!

Saturday was INTENSE. I was still reeling from the night before. We circled together and after we each were cleansed, we were gifted with the magick of the red drum. Each woman was given a beautifully moon dyed elk skin and we set to work crafting them into instruments full of medicine for us and those we come in contact with. As we manipulated the skin and began weaving our drums, we also began weaving our stories as drum carriers. We lay out the path that we hope to walk and how we want to use this powerful medicine that we have been given the responsibility of bringing out into the world. We are the heartbeat. We bring the healing. As our drums dried over the next 24 hours we were given the opportunity to spend time within ourselves surrounded my nature. This gave time for any pruning that still needed to be done in our hearts before we awakened our drums and accepted their power. That ceremony was INCREDIBLE! It is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever been a part of. Each woman awoke her drum, spoke her legacy, and was welcomed into a tribe of fierce and loving women who have promised to spread their own medicine. We are the heartbeat. We bring the healing.

I walked away from this retreat with a sense of freedom and lightness, but also a strong sense of responsibility. These beautiful women all living their truths, allowed me to step away from my fear. By living and not just speaking your truth, you give those around you a kind of permission to do the same. That is exactly what I needed! Permission to live in MY truth! I mentioned that I had been dancing on the line for a while, but I was being rooted by fear to stay in a place of comfort, rather than running with childlike wonder to what I want. I realized through them that when you live in your truth, the universe will meet you half way. And when you accept your light, that light will get so damn SHINY that no one is going to second guess what you are doing. And if people do bring negativity to the table, it doesn’t even have to touch me because living my truth is the most POWERFUL that I can do to bring the medicine and spread the light. I cannot explain how grateful I am for those witchy women and all their lessons and all the love that I can still feel. I can’t wait to gather with some of them again and many women in between. We are the heartbeat. We bring the healing.

Jessica Rose Booth // Sacred Goddess Retreat: This journey was a potent and awakening experience to my deep soul. The honor of sitting in circle, held in the sacred magic of the woods and making a drum with my own hands, left me feeling like I was remembering a past life. The beauty of the work, the magic of the women and wisdom of Anni and our guides created a retreat unlike any other.

Erika Haverstick // Acceptance is something we all look for, but rarely find in this world. When I came to this retreat I thought what I would find would be people who wouldn't accept me because of my beliefs. Instead, I looked around and found people who held and embraced me and my differences. I was also able to hold space for people who were different from me. Struggling with different things, stuck in different places, looking for the same thing I was. To be heard! To be loved! To be witnessed as I am. I feel so fortunate to spend time with each and every woman I encountered. Thank you for sharing your stories, sharing yourselves... and thank you for allowing me to do the same.

Kara Miltsch // My participation in the Sacred Goddess retreat was unexpected but very much needed. I boarded a plane in Philadelphia with trepidation, not knowing what to expect, and that I knew only Anni out of the 23 other women who were going to be in attendance. I held confidence that it was going to be magnificent - having been at a Sacred Relationship retreat this past summer; I knew first-hand how Anni can create and draw out magic in a group as well as the individual. But still, this was the first retreat I was attending alone. I arrived, settled in, and started to get to know the women who, like me, were trickling in and being shown where they were staying for the weekend.


Then our first circle.....Boom. Magic.


When you get 23 women from all parts of the country (and one from Germany), all walks of life, various ages, various situations to all come together and support each other unconditionally, with no judgement, it creates a powerful force. It's unimaginable if you haven't witnessed it....and you must.


Each portion of the retreat is deeply meaningful, spiritual and sacred. For me, it was learning about different traditions, learning about why we must discover our own personal medicine, our legacy, to then take back and do our part to heal the world. Breaking the ancestral karma forced me to be present and accounted for every action in my own life. It brought me back to living life consciously, rather than going through the motions, like a zombie. I am AWAKE! Then to learning about the importance of being a Red Drum Carrier - making my own Red Drum, and the feeling of honor that goes with it - the ceremony of it all. It's astounding.


Anni is teaching about a culture, a way of thought, that has almost been forgotten. A way to heal the world rather than add more damage to it. I have witnessed miraculous change in myself and the other women at the retreat and it is deep, profound and permanent. My heart sings knowing that the women I met are out in the world, and that we will one day meet again.


This retreat will not be my last. The power, the feeling, the letting go of all that bogs you down, it is amazing. To watch women who come to a retreat with their heads down low (myself included) only to come out leaving with their heads held high and positively radiant...that is powerful. Anni Daulter did that. She is the holder of space, creator of healing, gifter of inspiration, nurturer of gratitude, and matchmaker of miracles.


Anni I am deeply in gratitude to you for everything you do. I truly am honored to have met you and I am already excited to see you again.

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