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Sacred Wild Witch

Live Retreat Testimonials

Lauren Wack // I was so happy to be randomly placed into Water Tribe for Witch Camp 2017. After much anticipation, this summer camp for grown up women honestly lived up to every dream and expectation. I was blown away. I have never experienced so much fun, love, and education in such a beautiful package! Anni and Jessica truly facilitate a magical container and safe space for everyone to be authentic while stretching their souls and practicing their craft. I learned so much about myself and my world. I can't wait for Bali! I so highly recommend any program sponsored by the Sacred Living Movement. I will never forget that week of my life!

Gorgeous image of Lauren drinking morning potion!

Journey // Loved every minute of our long glorious weekend! I am feeling refreshed, energized, focused and super supported by both the universe and all the wonderful women I was fortunate to connect with in the magical forests of Washington. It was an experience I had been looking for my whole life and I finally felt myself step fully into my power and my potential. Plus, being a witch is the most fun ever! I am planning to come back every year as a way to fill my cup and continue to develop my witchy magic to bring into my daily life. Love love love!

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this work. Thank you for connecting with all the amazing women who work with you and support this vision of changing the current paradigm and take our humanity to the next level. I really resonate with your work and see the deep need for it in the world--and try to do my part everyday. This retreat was the boost I needed to keep me going on that path!

Christine Schnedler Trochesset // Do you know what it feels like to have your whole world cracked open, and see the brilliance of your life come streaming through? Do you know what it feels like to let a river float your body and soul down with the peaceful, easy current, and then suddenly realize its strength when you stop being in the flow and try to swim against it? Do you know what it feels like to have time moving all around your body but your mind can not grasp it?


These are the things that happen when we surround ourselves with powerfully intuitive women; the leaders who are working to change lives - the crafters of the world. These are the experiences that change a woman’s life forever. These are the things that happen at witch camp.


The lenses though which I see the world now has been forever skewed - I see clearly the gifts. . . the beauty. . . the tender rawness of humanity. . . Life after witch camp is like walking out of a fog. Some of it is startling and surreal but oh so much clearer.


Jessica Rose Booth, and Anni Daulter - Thank you with my whole being for stepping up when you felt the nudging to create this space. Thank-you to all the beautiful souls that convened in that magical spot. My body thanks you, my spirit thanks you, and my soul thanks you.


Witch camp 2017 will be one of these stories my children’s children will pass down through herstory.


My heart is filled with so much love, and I can hardly wait for March 2018 in Bali.

Angie Waters // If you think Sacred Witch Camp is for you, say yes and embrace it! I came with no expectations other than a knowing it was for me and a readiness to accept the opportunity and grow, and wow did I! Every single minute was magical. As we stepped into our witchy selves in a circle of trust and support, I released control so I could look into my heart and open myself up to saying yes to what the universe has been whispering to me. From the beautiful setting in Washington, to connecting with so many like-minded amazing women, and oh my all the fun and really cool stuff we did!!! From spell casting, powerful potions and spinning magic, Sacred Witch Camp was more than I could have ever imagined. I will be continuing this journey in Bali (and every retreat listed so far in this series).

Anni and Jess you are incredible. I’m in such gratitude to you for doing this work and holding space to fan the fires of courage and power within me. This retreat woke me to what was missing in my life and I’m not going to let a day go by that I’m not living in gratitude and making magic. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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