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Sacred Red Drum


In this three part workshop, participants will delve into the history of women and the frame drum, learning the ancient uses of drumming from menstruation and childbirth to crop blessings, as well as the ancient tradition of dyeing them red to represent the divine feminine. Women will have the opportunity to dye their own 14” Elk skin drum, learning about the spiritual aspects of the elk and it’s medicine gifts to us. You will be creating your own Sacred Red Drum through this training.


This class is created and taught by Nikiah Seeds, a shaman and priestess and the original creator of the Red Drum.

Class Outline for Sacred Red Drum


Class 1


In this class women will learn about the history of women and the frame drum, and ancient drumming practices. Information on the color red and the divine feminine as well as dye for the drums are a part of this first class. Support and resources for drum playing will be given as well for those interested in learning more.


Class 2


Instructions for soaking your hide and preparing yourself for the opening ceremony of your drums birth are in the first segment of this class. Once your items are all gathered and you are ready for your ceremony ,you will be sent another link as a part two of this class. In this second part, the ceremony and instructions for making your drum will be given, along with a link to a video of Nikiah in ceremony and of her making a drum so you can use it as a guide for making and tightening your own drum and making sure it dries properly.


Class 3


Now that your drum has been made, and is dry you are ready to “wake it up”! In this class, instructions for making your drum beater will be given, along with the ceremony for “waking your drum up”. Instructions on caring for your drum will also be given along with inspirations and resources for painting and further decorating your drum. A sacred and special ritual only for red drum carriers, shared by Nikiah the creatrix of the red drum tradition.


Supplies (included in the class price)


  • A small pouch of smudge for consecrating your drum.

  • A small pouch of red ochre and cedar for consecrating your drum frame.

  • One 14” drum frame made from Canadian Cedar wood.

  • 1 pouch of Nikiah’s pre-mixed plant medicine dye to add along with beet and pomegranate juice.

  • One elk skin hide large enough to fully cover your frame and wrap around the back one inch over the lip.

  • An awl for punching holes in your hide.

  • Lacings for the drum.

  • Cotton batting and a leather circle cut out, for making the beater/tom-tom with.

  • A small pouch with feathers, sinew and beads for decoration.

  • A red ribbon for a secret and sacred tradition passed on from one red drum carrier to another.

  • The knowledge that you are now a Sacred Red Drum Carrier.


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