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Sacred Witch Camp

DAY ONE: The Water Witch

Divine Circle Talk: Don’t fear the Witch… Herstory + Create Honoring Doll + Witches Past Altar


Book of Shadows: So Shall It Be + Understanding Book of Shadows + The Art of Hand Scribing + The Beginning Basics


The Water Witch: West Direction + Connect with Water with Initial Cleansing Bowl + Make Rose Water + Create a Ceremonial Anointing Oil + Salt and Sea Magic + Create a Personal Scrying Mirror + Write a West / Water Invocation


Plant Allay: Willow ~ Representing the Feminine Divine, Moon and Water

*Create Willow Branch ‘Safe Haven Healing and Protection Essence’

*Hand Craft Witchy Magic Potion


Crystal: Aquamarine & Seashell

*Create an abalone sea witch spell


Goddess/Archetype: Tiamat, The Creator/Destroyer + Oshun, African Goddess of love, fresh waters and fertility + Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance


*Create Lover’s Call Oil

*Weaving of Wealth Consciousness Spell + Casting

*Water Photos


Ceremony + Tool: Scrying + Chalice Gifting + Cleansing Ceremony and ‘Body Prayer Herbal Wash’+ Anointing


DAY TWO: The Earth Witch


Divine Circle Talk: Commune with Nature…Herbs Heal + Create an Herb Deck + Nature Offerings


Book of Shadows: Herb Scribing in Book of Shadows


The Earth Witch: North Direction + Connect with Earth with Initial Barefoot Breathing Grounding Meditation + Create Forest Witch Spell Catcher + Write a North / Earth Invocation + Pentacles


Plant Allay: Mugwort~ Deepens Clairvoyance, Astral Projection, Prophecy and Dreams


*Create a Mugwort Cauldron Potion and Herbal Satchel for Ceremony

*Become a Root Worker + make ‘Root Essence’


Crystal: Black Obsidian, Labradorite

*Create Black Obsidian Witch’s Runes + Find Personal Symbol


Goddess/Archetype: Artemis + Diana /The Huntress + Circle of Aradia

*Create ‘Witch’s Box’

*Animal Totem

*Protection Amulet


Ceremony + Tool: Antler Gifting + Uncloaking Personal Journey Ceremony at MIDNIGHT in the Woods + Salt Bowl

DAY Three: The Air Witch

Divine Circle Talk: Understanding the Stories + Psychic Mind Mind + The Art of Spell Craft + The Beauty of Words + Harm None & 3x3 Laws


Book of Shadows: Craft + Scribe Personal Spell + Understand Tarot +Witch Symbols


The Air Witch: East Direction + Connect with Air with Initial Psychic Mind and Universal Download Practice + Write an East / Air Invocation + Create Feather  


Plant Allay: Lavender/Mint/Sweet-grass /Sage~ Healing and Softness


*Misters: ‘Magic Mister’ + ‘Protection Mister’ + ‘Attraction Mister’


Crystal: Malachite (stone of transformation and law of attraction) + Clear Quartz (ultimate clarity) + Hag Stones


*Create Witches Ladder


Goddess/Archetype: Eagle Woman/Bird Woman: The Seer + Visionary


*Connect with Tarot


Ceremony + Tool: Crowning + Cutting Away Victim Stories and Toxic Relationships in All Forms + Speak Your Terms + Personal Spells


DAY Four: The Fire Witch


Divine Circle Talk: The Sabbats Talk + Understanding Personal Will + Power + Activation + Blood Mysteries


Book of Shadows: Scribe Fire Spell into Book of Shadows + The Old Ways


The Fire Witch: South Direction + Connect with Fire with Candle Magik Activation + Write a South / Fire Invocation + Create Fire Activation Incense


Plant Allay: Redwood / Sequoia/ Ash / Saffron / Chilis


*Highest Good Anointing Oil + Spell


Crystal: Carnelian (white magik + protection from bad energies)


*Fire Spells / Waxed + Sealed

*Carnelian Essence


Goddess/Archetype: The Triple Goddess Brigid + The Phoenix Rising


*Personal Binding Spell


Ceremony + Tool: Candle Presentation + Sacred Cocoa Ritual + Initiation Jumping the Fire Ceremony + Fire Dance

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